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A Happy life = Long life.

Monday is not supposed to be terrible as some people put it to be.a huge number of people who work office jobs are dissatisfied with their jobs, and after a long weekend Monday reminds them of another week doing what they hate for a boss who doesn’t appreciate them.studies have shown that Monday holds the highest number of suicides among people who work in jobs that don’t motivate them. Joseph Campbell the famous scholar of mythology gave the 12 steps to fulfilment in which one of the steps was to not base your decisions on financial gain. While getting a salary is important sacrificing your happiness for money as to big a trade. Joseph Campbell says that the same vase made by a porter who loves what he does and by one who hates who hates his job is that one has a soul.
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Love is more than a feeling its an action

i love you
We fall in love with someone not because of what they have or how they look but rather how they make us feel about ourselves. While having some external attributes will initially increase your level of attractiveness, it takes much more for someone to fall in love with you. A famous song says that money can’t buy the love of which its very true. Ever wonder how a beautiful woman will date an average guy to the point of loving him while rich men who can offer her all her desires are left out in the cold explain it all. 

 Don’t go looks even that fades go for someone who brings light into a dark day.

We once in a while meet people who break our defences and make us feel weak the type of people if a thousand people are in a room you instantly look for them because they matter more to us more than anyone else. Even those with tough exteriors have a soft spot inside them that can be changed by love.

There is no Love without pain but the pain is worth it compared to not loving at all. it is said that true nakedness is not stripping in front of someone but is sharing parts of you that no one knows your weakness and fears with a loved one and hoping they will not tell another soul. While our hearts rarely betray us when pumping blood to our bodies they betray us when we fall in love as they never show us if we are in love with the wrong person. it's up to us to find out for ourselves and figure out what to do. let not your brain fall in love as matters of the heart are not logical for the brain to understand. When you meet that special someone spends every day showing them how much they mean to you as you don’t have forever to wait.


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