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A Happy life = Long life.

Monday is not supposed to be terrible as some people put it to be.a huge number of people who work office jobs are dissatisfied with their jobs, and after a long weekend Monday reminds them of another week doing what they hate for a boss who doesn’t appreciate them.studies have shown that Monday holds the highest number of suicides among people who work in jobs that don’t motivate them. Joseph Campbell the famous scholar of mythology gave the 12 steps to fulfilment in which one of the steps was to not base your decisions on financial gain. While getting a salary is important sacrificing your happiness for money as to big a trade. Joseph Campbell says that the same vase made by a porter who loves what he does and by one who hates who hates his job is that one has a soul.
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How to Document Vs Create #Inspiration Thursdays.

Most of us have very beautiful ideas that could help others but those ideas are never implemented because of fear and trying to play safe. If you are one of them learn that it’s far more important to document vs. to create. While you might despise what you are doing as being too small remember the bible talks on not despising the days of humble beginnings’ I learnt this from Gary Vaynerchuk a famous guy on YouTube who was giving advice to a young man about the importance of documenting vs. creating this advice alone gave me the guts to finish my first book 25 the novel. and to follow my dreams with absolute certainty.
There is a group out there that is worried more about appearing perfect than what they have to offer. This verse in the book of psalms set me free.
Psalms 39:4 Lord, make me know mine end, and the measure of my days, what it is: that I may know how frail I am.
Quit worrying about how people will perceive you and concentrate on what you have to offer to them. If you are into vlogging use your phone to document awesome videos and with time people will notice you. in life, it’s far more important who you become than what you get. what you get only lasts for a while but who you become is permanent.
Picture this how important it could have been if mike Zuckerberg documented his daily experiences while building Facebook. While he never knew it would grow into a billion dollar company that advice right now would be precious to anyone building his own company.Document your passions and the day you become successful people will learn from your daily experiences


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