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A Happy life = Long life.

Monday is not supposed to be terrible as some people put it to be.a huge number of people who work office jobs are dissatisfied with their jobs, and after a long weekend Monday reminds them of another week doing what they hate for a boss who doesn’t appreciate them.studies have shown that Monday holds the highest number of suicides among people who work in jobs that don’t motivate them. Joseph Campbell the famous scholar of mythology gave the 12 steps to fulfilment in which one of the steps was to not base your decisions on financial gain. While getting a salary is important sacrificing your happiness for money as to big a trade. Joseph Campbell says that the same vase made by a porter who loves what he does and by one who hates who hates his job is that one has a soul.
New York Times Bestseller.Vishen Lakhiani the CEO of MindValley academy and the author of New York Times best-selling book The code of the extraordinary mind gives steps to challenge beliefs that might be holding one …

5G is here

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During the recently concluded mobile world congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain that saw the rebirth of the world famous Nokia 3310. OEMs like the Gionee introduced the A1 with a 20Mp selfie camera and the new LG G6 comes with two powerful rear cameras.5G also made a comeback with mobile manufacturers competing on who will beat the other on the telecommunication platform.5G has been around for a while and has been undergoing feasibility tests in Japan to test its market readiness. So before you start bragging about your new phone with its 4G LTE capabilities relax something new is in the offing.
So what is 5G? And the new thing will it bring. 5G according to experts 5G is advanced 4G with more capabilities. it was slated to be commercially available by 2022 but the introduction of the new ZTE gigabit phone that has download speeds as fast as 1 Gb per second means it could even come sooner than expected. Many people are satisfied with 4G with its increased speeds making video calling and streaming more seamless and fast, wondering what 5G will bring, don’t be excited just yet the technology will first benefit users of high-end smartphones so users of Techno/Infinix which use Mediatek™ processors should be patient till it’s widely adopted. Qualcomm snapdragon™ which makes processors for high-end smartphones like HTC has already introduced an X50 5G modem supporting up to 5gbs per second download speeds.meaning you can theoretically download an HD movie in less than a min on this modem.
Internet of things (IoT) which supports technologies like smart cities, smart home technology among others will rely heavily on 5G to run as smart cities as an example need to be connected to solve issues like crime reporting, live mapping technology and smart grids. Lower latency will mean increased uptime and lower down times.
It won’t be a surprise to see the new flagship Samsung galaxy phones and I-phone coming with 5G capabilities.


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