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A Happy life = Long life.

Monday is not supposed to be terrible as some people put it to be.a huge number of people who work office jobs are dissatisfied with their jobs, and after a long weekend Monday reminds them of another week doing what they hate for a boss who doesn’t appreciate them.studies have shown that Monday holds the highest number of suicides among people who work in jobs that don’t motivate them. Joseph Campbell the famous scholar of mythology gave the 12 steps to fulfilment in which one of the steps was to not base your decisions on financial gain. While getting a salary is important sacrificing your happiness for money as to big a trade. Joseph Campbell says that the same vase made by a porter who loves what he does and by one who hates who hates his job is that one has a soul.
New York Times Bestseller.Vishen Lakhiani the CEO of MindValley academy and the author of New York Times best-selling book The code of the extraordinary mind gives steps to challenge beliefs that might be holding one …

Stop betting start & investing

Betting which was once segregated to casinos has become more main stream over the past few years and Kenyans are not being left behind many have already jumped into the bandwagon of fantasies and unicorn wishes. Who am I to fault, with our uncertain economy and looted money meant for service delivery making it big all at once is now the Kenyan dream. The betting Kenyans have become disillusioned by high jackpot wins like kshs100mn that come from only a kshs 50 ticket sound too good but they are actually true. The days of compound interest and growing a nest egg seem to have fallen into the abyss for this group of Kenyans. I can bet you any amount of money that you can’t walk in Nairobi streets for more than 5 mins in any direction without seeing a billboard or a wall painted advertising a betting company and guess what they even have offices now.in Vegas they have a saying that that the house always wins and it’s also resonates back home with Sportpesa, BetinBetway etc.. You think Julie gichuru left a well-paying job at Citizen TV to start Mcheza because she was bored with being on top of her game?

Gambling like alcoholism is addictive and telling you to stop all at once is probably not going to happen. Instead of stopping your habit how about you start a new one to replace the old. An advert showing Arsenal celebrating has too many red flags if you catch my drift. Put your hard money into good use if you desire to ever be wealthy. Go to Forbes top 400 list and see if you can find a billionaire lottery winner! I personally invest in the stock market and the returns are not bad. If you can’t understand the stock market learn about it you owe it to yourself. If you are more moneyed invest in Agribusiness, treasury bills, bonds, buy a plot or sink a borehole the water problem won’t end any time soon.

You can even start a small business that is motivated by your passion that will bring money at the end of the day instead of crossing your fingers every time a  football match starts.studies have shown that most of the people who win huge lottery amounts end up broke busted and depressed. Google stories of winners of the US Powerball lottery.


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