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A Happy life = Long life.

Monday is not supposed to be terrible as some people put it to be.a huge number of people who work office jobs are dissatisfied with their jobs, and after a long weekend Monday reminds them of another week doing what they hate for a boss who doesn’t appreciate them.studies have shown that Monday holds the highest number of suicides among people who work in jobs that don’t motivate them. Joseph Campbell the famous scholar of mythology gave the 12 steps to fulfilment in which one of the steps was to not base your decisions on financial gain. While getting a salary is important sacrificing your happiness for money as to big a trade. Joseph Campbell says that the same vase made by a porter who loves what he does and by one who hates who hates his job is that one has a soul.
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English Premier league:As it stands

The English premier league is the most interesting football league in the world. Interesting unlike La liga or Bundesliga which have dominant teams who always carry the league the PL has room for surprises. Last season in the premier league Leicester won the league to everyone’s surprise. Fast forward to Feb 2017 they are position 17 in the log with 21 points and facing imminent relegation. It’s only in the premier league where you find such absurdities. While Chelsea a team which was trailing last season is about to lift the PL trophy with just a slight change in squad and a passionate coach. Arsenal on the other hand is just Arsenal a place where ammunition is manufactured and stored. Arsenal manufactures the best talents and sells them to win titles for other clubs. Arsene wenger is like a guy at a party who is a great flirt but does not know how to close even after last call. The fans trust his flirting skills but fail to see that in the game it’s the closer who is celebrated.

Liverpool had a shot when Brendan Rogers was coach and missed the cup by a whisker but now are trailing because of talented players like Daniel sturridge who mostly injured. Phillipe Countinho,Mane, Firmino are all talented but don't deliver in all games. Tottenham is on fire and the young players at White Hart Lane will soon win the league, players like Kane, Dele Alli who ended Chelsea unbeaten run are a force to reckon with. Fellow country man Victor Wanyama has also perfectly fit into the clubs midfield. Manchester united stopped being a club and turned into a business the day it was listed in the NYSE.I think the reason why fergie left when he did is because he realized the machine had become bigger than he could handle. I doubt mourinho will have an impact on the club as he might have thought. Players like pogba have been a flop despite costing $116mn. Zlatan is keeping hopes up for the fans by being on top form always together with Juan Mata whom Jose Mourinho initially sold but has become very instrumental and rarely lacks in first 11.

Noisy neighbors Manchester city is my team and NO I did not come with the Arab money as many football fans say about Man city fans. With the new logo and a new fearless coach Pep things seemed to have changed at the Etihad with 6 unbeaten games but after that we sort of lost the grip. We bought a defender Stones from Everton for 47.5mn pounds but his wide open. I personally wasn’t happy when they changed from Hart to Claudio bravo who has been a nonstarter from day one. Despite coming from Barcelona his keeping skills at Man city are below par.Defensively without Komapny we are a wide open net but attacking with Sergio Aguero assisted by Silva, De bruyne and Navas we make a comeback. I won’t blurb about Everton, Stoke, Watford, West Brom, Burnley and others for length sake but they still make the PL interesting especially when they beat League favorites.


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